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Stressed Out?


What Kids Say About Bullying (from KidsHealth.org)

How Cliques Make Kids Feel Left Out (from KidsHealth.org)

Dealing with Bullies (from KidsHealth.org)

Stop bullying now (from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)

Advice, and online cartoons ("webisodes").


Moving to middle school (from KidsHealth.org)

Kurt Warner: What Middle School Was Like For Me (from KidsHealth.org)

What To Do If You Don't Like School (from KidsHealth.org)

Lots of kids don't like school, but this article tries to help you find things about it to make you enjoy it (or at least dislike it less!)

What Kids Say About School (from KidsHealth.org)

Six steps to smarter studying (from KidsHealth.org)

Advice to help you get better grades in school!

Homework help (from KidsHealth.org)

Sometimes, kids may need help with their homework. This article gives some ideas on how to get it.

Organize, Focus, get it done (from KidsHealth.org)

It's very easy to get distracted. This article is to help you get organized and finish important jobs on time. It can help you do a better job on your homework, but is also good for many other things, too, like cleaning your room or finishing chores.

When tests make you nervous (from KidsHealth.org)

Even many grown-ups feel nervous about taking tests. But you can learn to take tests without getting stressed out. This article shows you how.

Keeping your cool

Taking Charge of Anger (from KidsHealth.org)

Train your temper (from KidsHealth.org)

Peer Pressure

Dealing with Peer Pressure (from KidsHealth.org)

Dealing with it

Worry less in 3 Steps (from KidsHealth.org)

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